This is only a quick page to allow me to give you the possibility to download some of the wads on my server.
It is mostly called something like "ewing" and an addition.
Currently it runs under CSDoom 0.7.
Jumpin' Jack Flash zipped (115 kB)
Textfile (6 kB)
My first try for a DM level (and the first published try at all!). It is small but has some obstacles ("Jumpin'") and many many teleports ("Flash") that teleport in a different way if you enter them in a different way. I designed the level with extensive jumping in mind, so you should play it with a source port capable of jumping, or you'll find the level useless.
The textures are aligned I think, I spent hours on that...
It also includes a great (I think) new music by Johan Treptow and some new sounds, made possible by using and modifying .wav-files. I got the okay from
Kim of for explode.wav, 9mm.wav, wind.wav and multshot.wav
Dai of umWave for gate.wav and slurp.wav
and Nik of Superwavs for fall.wav
I hope it will be fun. If you are into fast fragging and telefragging, you should really give it a try.
But if you play it with not so many players, tactics come on strong.
Please tell me what you think of the level!
These pics are from the final beta with some missalinged textures.
This is fixed now.
The screenies were taken either in ZDoom or in Skulltag. The bots get a bit confused in my level :(
But you should get Skulltag nevertheless as in other levels the bots really rock and the other features are plain great!

bestofdm.wad A really cool wad. My favourites are map 3, 6, 8, 11 and especially 12.
With more players some of the others maps can really be fun, too.
So read more about it at Sven's site.
The dwango series, along with loads of other great wads can be found @
Falconer really has collected many firstclass maps and is often hosting multiple servers at once. So check it out.

So, this is it for me, I hope we'll meet in DM sometime!